Friday, June 20, 2008

hi guys, it has been a lont time since i post last time. i gotta work harder on the update. haha

today Eric goldberg came to our studio. if you dont know who he is, check out

he is such a nice guy and shared with us his wisdoms and experiences in the industry, it was really inspiring and encouraging.

we honor him to sit on the most expensive chair in the studio (hahaha) and we had a really nice chat. after that, everyone in the studio went up and took pics with him. he then signed our sketch books. haha its like a celebrity in town!!!

btw, he has a new animation book coming out, teaching you how to animate. He showed us part of the book yesterday and it looks amazing!!

i will post the pics later :P


Stacey Chomiak said...

Hey Dan, that's super cool! Mark mentioned that Eric Goldberg was coming to speak at the studio, HOW COOL! I am muchos jealous :) And I heard about his new book as well, sounds like a great addition to any animation library.

Glad you're having fun over there!

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